Charles Krypell

A native New Yorker, Charles Krypell began his career as a sculptor, and now his timeless yet contemparary pieces show the refinement of an artist in his prime.


His unique stylings, setting sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds together in exquisite harmony with gold and platinum, can be found in jewelry stores all over the U.S., Japan, and the Caribbean.


Eli Jewels

Located in the charming and historic city of New Orleans, Eli Jewels is a family run company, established by the sixth generation in a lineage of master craftsmen.


Dedicated for over a decade to providing exceptional quality jewelry and service, the company offers several distinct collections, featuring intricate wire work, hand engraving, innovative design, and fine quality gemstones and materials.



Fashioned of the finest Italian artistry and workmanship, the signature jewelry collections of Alisa are a fusion of silver and 18k gold with diamonds and colored gemstones, all recognized by their distinctive design elements. The beauty and sophistication of the company's unique jewelry themes has made the Alisa name widely popular among fashionable women throughout America.

Dedicated for over a decade to providing exceptional quality jewelry and service, the company offers several distinct collections, featuring intricate wire work, hand engraving, innovative design, and fine quality gemstones and materials.


Doris Panos

With a star-studded celebrity clientele, Doris Panos is a designer that has hit her peak. Her timeless and sexy styles and designs are in a class of their own, and have graced the covers of some of the hottest magazine publications across the country.



Dedicated to outstanding quality and exceptional service, Cordova has been designing and manufacturing jewelry in New York City, since the company was founded in 1950, by Murray Kagan – the first generation.  
And, now we take great pleasure in introducing Ron Rosen as the fresh, new face of Cordova.  
Ron graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in 1992 – with an undeniable passion for jewelry and design. Shortly after graduation and with the encouragement and assistance of his aunt and uncle, Arlene & Bob Kagan, the second generation of Cordova, he started Rosen Block Design.


Jordon Scott Designs

For more than two decades, Jordan Scott Designs has combined the finest materials with an artist's vision to handcraft some of the world's most innovative designs in gold, silver and diamonds.


Few shops in the world offer the originality and craftsmanship of a Jordan Scott creation along with a competitive price point. Season after season, the Jordan Scott brand - and private labels - are among the best selling in the industry.


Jordan Scott Designs LTD remains headquartered in Midtown Manhattan.


Mazza Co.

For generations, The Mazza Company has continually sought to provide the public with the highest quality jewelry and the newest and most innovative designs.


Today William Mazza and his three sons own W & B Mazza and Sons, Inc., located in Baldwin, New York. Practicing fine jewelry techniques passed from generation to generation, William Mazza continues to create his unique collections using hand carved gemstones in the family tradition. W & B Mazza, the formerly unknown supplier of gemstones for famous jewelry houses such as David Webb, Inc., Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, Inc. has now emerged as a leading creator of 14kt and 18kt fashion jewelry.


Gabriel & Co.

Gabriel & Co. has earned the reputation as being passionate, dependable, and artistic designers, creators and manufacturers. Our extensive line of timeless pieces encompasses classic and fashion-forward design, ultimately bringing together impeccable artistry with enduring technology, perfect for every unforgettable moment.


Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster, Founder and Creative Director of Stephen Webster Ltd and a Creative Director of the world’s oldest jewellery house Garrard since 2008, is one of the leading British jewellery designers. Webster's keen eye for detail, expert craftsmanship and glam-rock attitude has given rise to dramatic creations with an eternally chic aesthetic. Having evolved into a powerful global luxury jewellery brand, Stephen Webster now boasts over 200 points of sale worldwide and 7 boutiques internationally in London, Beverly Hills, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna and Marbella. Having received countless coveted jewellery awards, Webster has built a dedicated fan base and is a firm favourite with celebrities across the globe; from Madonna to Christina Aguilera, Kate Moss, Sir Elton John, Mickey Rourke and Kate Beckinsale to name but a few.


Jorge Revilla

Jorge Revilla’s relationship with design and creativity started when he began to study Fashion and Design in his home town of Burgos, Spain, studies which he then continued in London. His passion for travel and his interest in other cultures led him to get to know many countries very well. It was on his travels that he began to feel a passion for natural stones, those small gifts of nature, filled with colour and life, which have slowly but surely become the main focal point of his life. In 1993, at the age of 23, he decided to select the most special and representative stones of each country and market them in Spain. This became his first commercial contact with a world that has intrigued him for years.

In 1996, together with his sister, Gloria, a designer, he created the current Jorge Revilla Company. The force behind the birth of this new company was to reach even deeper in this passion for natural stones and find the most appropriate way of expressing all their beauty in silver jewellery with stones.

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